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Our Vision

Our Story


Sachin & Raghav, our founders, were bitten by the curiosity bug at a very early age. Sachin, who had a surprise win at a school quiz at the age of 10, found that he liked the experience so much that he went on to become a competitive quizzer with national & international quiz titles under his belt. Raghav’s dinner time conversations with his father on everything from current affairs to technology, sowed the seeds of his lifelong quest to learn. For him too, this curiosity led naturally to the world of quizzing.


The paths of the two quizzers crossed while at law school in Pune. There, while learning legal-ese, they found that they could help children develop their own sense of curiosity and come to love quizzing as much as they do. While having immense fun interacting with them, Sachin & Raghav also realized that through quizzing, they were enabling children to learn how to think- a skill that would hold good through school and life. 


From this thought came Walnut Knowledge Solutions, the parent company of QShala. At Walnut, Sachin, Raghav & their team have set over 300 quizzes for kids, corporates and others (they hold a record for conducting quizzes on all 7 continents – including Antarctica!) while also running the QShala program. Despite these achievements, Sachin & Raghav maintain that their greatest satisfaction as quizzers and founders, comes from children thinking out of the box and stumping them with novel ideas.

Our Advisors

Photograph Kalyan Banerjee.jpg

Kalyan Kumar Banerjee

Founder, Klorofeel Foundation

Co-Founder, MindTree

final DSC_1843.jpg

Suresh Kumar Pinglay

Ex-VP, Oracle Financial Services


Balaji Srinivas

Ex-Managing Director, Abraaj Group


Chetan Vinchhi

India Head, Uptycs

Co-Founder, LifeTape

priti sawhney.jpg

Preeti Sawhney

Brand Strategist


Vasant Shetty 

Saama, VP, Corporate Strategic Transformation and Execution


Sanjay Tambwekar

CTO, Qwikcilver

Co-Founder, The Arundhati Foundation

Our Team

IMG20191206154812 copy.jpeg

Sachin Ravi



Raghav Chakravarthy



Shruthi Varkhedkar

Product Manager

Achsa Shibu - Sales Associate.JPG

Achsa Shibu

Sales Associate

Binila Varghese - Engagement Associate.J

Binila Varghese

Engagement Associate

Vindhya Kumar - Engagement Associate.jpg

Vindhya Kumar

Engagement Associate

Sarthak Khuntia - Product Manager.JPG

Sarthak Khuntia

Product Manager

Ahil Abraham - Senior Engagement Associa

Ahil Abraham

Senior Engagement Associate

Shilpa N A - Senior Engagement Associate

Shilpa N A

Senior Engagement Associate


Ranjeetha Golde

Senior Engagement Associate


Taniya Babu

Senior Sales Associate


Anagha Sridhar

Senior Engagement Associate

Muthamizhselvan G - Senior Associate Peo

Muthamizhselvan G

Senior People Function Associate

Radhika P - Finance Associate.JPG

Radhika P

Finance Associate

Sanal Sunny - Business Development Assoc

Sanal Sunny

Sales Associate

Sandhya Jakkannavar - Operations Associa

Sandhya Jakkannavar

Operations Associate

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